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Safety Relays (4700003)

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
2TLA010040R0000 Relay, BSR10 Safety/Expansion 3NO+1NC 24VDC
2TLA010040R0200 Relay, BSR11 Safety/Expansion 4NO 24VDC
2TLA010041R0600 Relay, BSR23 Safety/Expansion 4NO+1NC 24VDC
2TLA010050R0000 Relay, SSR10 Safety 3NO+1NC 24VDC
2TLA010050R0100 Relay, SSR10M Safety 3NO+1NC 85-265VAC 50/60Hz / 120-375VDC
2TLA010051R0000 Relay, SSR20 Safety 3NO+1NC 24VDC
2TLA010051R0100 Relay, SSR20M Safety 3NO+1NC 85-265VAC 50/60Hz / 120-375VDC
2TLA010052R0400 Relay, SSR32 Safety 2NO+2 Delayed NO 24VDC
2TLA010053R0400 Relay, SSR42 Safety 2NO+2 Delayed NO 24VDC
2TLA010060R0000 Relay, TSR10 Safety Timer 3NO+1NC 24VDC
2TLA010061R0000 Relay, TSR20 Safety/Expansion 3NO+1NC, Off Delay Time 0.5s or 1.5s 24VDC
2TLA010061R0100 Relay, TSR20M Safety/Expansion 3NO+1NC, Off Delay Time 0.5s or 1.5s 85-265VAC 50/60Hz / 120-375VDC
2TLA010070R0000 Relay, USR10 Safety Timer 3NO+1NC 24VDC
2TLA010070R0400 Relay, USR22 Safety Timer 2NO+2 Delayed NO 24VDC

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