ABB announces transition to all-electric vehicle fleet in the UK



Craig Prendergast, Country HR Manager charges an eGolf at ABB's UK headquarters in Daresbury Park, Warrington

Ten years ago, it was hard to imagine being able to drive over 200 miles in an electric vehicle, on a single charge...

Today this is a reality and along with an ever-growing network of charging facilities, more and more drivers are making the transition from fossil-fuel to low carbon electric transport.

Today on World EV day, people from over 60 countries have already made a firm commitment to purchasing an electric car as their next vehicle by taking an online pledge. The pledge campaign encourages drivers to recognize the crucial role that electric vehicles can play in advancing sustainable mobility and the positive impact of reducing air and noise pollution.

David Hughes, ABB UK Country Managing Director said: "In 2019, our business mileage in the UK was the second-highest contributor to our carbon footprint. As part of our net zero ambition, ABB UK is proud to announce that we will be transitioning our company cars to an all-electric fleet by 2025. With over 500 cars in our vehicle fleet this is a substantial investment and commitment to sustainable future. This journey starts today.’

Craig Prendergast, Country HR Manager comments: "In the UK alone our fleet covered 6.8 million business miles in 2019. Once the transition to an all-electric fleet is completed, we estimate our overall carbon footprint could be reduced by around 20%.

“However the move to electric vehicles is only part of our solution as we permanently look to reduce travel and embrace the digital world. Coronavirus may have temporarily changed the way we work but we can already see that our digital offerings, coupled with remote factory acceptance testing, are changing the way we interact with our customers and provide the best solutions.”

David concludes:

It's this kind of commitment to sustainability that makes me proud to lead ABB UK; both in how we are reducing our own carbon footprint, but also through our people, products and solutions, we can help our customers reduce theirs.