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LUCKINSlive includes details of over 1 million individual items from hundreds of UK Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing manufacturers.   The site is an invaluable reference source for Distributors, Contractors and Engineers who need a one-stop shop for product information.

Information may be accessed FREE directly on the site and is also available via links to Trimble MEP’s software applications.  Web service APIs are available to enable LUCKINSlive content to be transferred to licensed third party software, typically distributors’ e-commerce web sites.


For manufacturers, LUCKINSlive offers a powerful marketing tool delivering product information to buyers and specifiers at the exact point that a buying decision is made.

About Luckins

Luckins has been the industry-standard source of product and price data to the UK Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing sectors since 1966.

Our accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date product content is used by distributors and contractors throughout the industry as the basis for quotations, invoices and purchase orders.  The availability of standardised product content, synchronised throughout the supply chain simplifies workflows and enables users to maximise return on their ERP, estimating and e-commerce software investment.


In 2008 Luckins was acquired by the Amtech Group Ltd which was in turn acquired in 2014 by the MEP Division of Trimble Inc.  In 2016 Luckins joined forces with Trade Service of San Diego, also part of Trimble MEP, to form a single global source of product content for the MEP sectors.

For more information about Luckins products and services, please download one of our product guides or contact us for more details:

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