ABB Installation Products division launches a new range of Furse brand holdfasts


The new Furse circular standing seam holdfast range offers air rod bases, conductor clips and square clamps suitable for securing the most common conductor types, 25 x 3 mm tape and 8 mm diameter solid circular, to circular standing seam cladding systems.


Today, many buildings use circular standing seam cladding systems for their roofs and exterior elevations. Where this cladding is punctured by a lightning strike, the building and its contents below may be at significant risk of damage. Repair costs to the roof and contents, as well as any unnecessary downtime incurred, could be considered unacceptable to companies and public service institutions.

“All components are now secured to a stainless steel holdfast base which is clamped around the circular seam of the standing seam cladding. This new clamped solution is a complete redesign of our existing solution, helping to provide a cost-effective solution that also maintains the integrity of the weatherproof nature of the standing seam cladding, long after lightning protection system installation,” stated Gary Baker, global brand manager for the Furse product line.


Circular standing seam cladding systems vary in both profile shape and finish, and often include insulation beneath, making the installation of traditional lightning protection systems difficult. However, these challenges can now be overcome by installing the new Furse range of holdfast assemblies specifically designed to help protect circular standing seam cladding systems.

The Furse solution enables secure connection of air rods and conductors onto circular standing seam cladding systems using an innovative holdfast base. Manufactured from stainless steel, the holdfast base eliminates risk of galvanic corrosion, whilst being used with both copper or aluminum Furse components. Through combining a stainless steel holdfast base with Furse lightning protection components, the resulting solution has a high degree of mechanical strength.

To learn more about the new Furse circular standing seam holdfast solution, you can visit the ABB Furse website: www.furse.com