ABB introduces new UniSec Power Parts concept for UK panel builders



Innovative approach cuts engineering costs and overall lead times so that panel builders can add value by customising secondary engineering and take more control over project execution.

ABB has delivered medium voltage switchgear and cabinets worth $116k to a leading UK project management and engineering firm under its new UniSec Power Parts initiative. The equipment will be installed at a major commercial building development in central London, where it will provide power for industrial process equipment used to maintain cool temperatures during and after manufacturing processes.

ABB’s Motor Control Centres (MCCs) are based on UniSec Power Parts medium-voltage switchgear with empty cabinets for customised low-voltage sub-distribution systems.

ABB started developing the UniSec Power Parts package in 2018 to meet growing demand from panel builders to take a larger role in engineering, manufacture, assembly and customisation – and as a result, reduce costs and lead times.

Traditionally, ABB has supplied fully-engineered solutions including medium-voltage (MV) switchgear and low-voltage (LV) distribution systems. However, with UniSec Power Parts, panel builders now have the option to order MV switchgear with an empty LV compartment. This enables panel builders to be more competitive, adding value by customising the secondary engineering to suit each application much more efficiently. In addition, it provides more control over project execution as they can reduce overall lead times by 6-8 weeks.

This was a major selling point for the end customer in London. It selected ABB’s solution to make significant savings and achieve earlier onsite commissioning.

Mohamed Hosny, Product Marketing Manager - Apparatus for ABB’s Distribution Solutions division, said: “Winning the first UniSec Power Parts project was the culmination of two years of collaborative work between our experts in the UK and at our factory in Dalmine, Italy. We supported our customer’s engineering team as they developed their design concept. In addition, we provided several product training sessions, which boosted their confidence in our products and capabilities.

“Transferring more value to panel builders opens up huge potential for them and it also helps ABB by opening up opportunities in new markets and with new customers.”

Depending on their technical capabilities, panel builders could potentially add to their scope under UniSec Power Parts. This will give them the ability to offer their customers more control and flexibility over the engineering, manufacture and assembly of power distribution panels.