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X-IE Insulation Fasteners

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
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Fastener, Insulation X-IE, Pack=100
02041394 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-160, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=100 160mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041395 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-180, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=100 180mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041396 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-200, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=100 200mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041714 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-25, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=300 25mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041715 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-30, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=300 30mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041716 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-35, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=300 35mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041717 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-40, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=300 40mmGalvanised/Plastic
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Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-50, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=300
02041719 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-60, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=300 60mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041740 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-70, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=200 70mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041741 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-75, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=200 75mmGalvanised/Plastic
More Information Available
Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-80, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=200
02041743 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-90, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=200 90mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041744 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-100, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=200 100mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041745 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 6-120, 60mm Insulation Disc Pack=150 120mmGalvanised/Plastic
02041746 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 9-60, 90mm Insulation Disc Pack=150 60mmBlack
02041747 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 9-80, 90mm Insulation Disc Pack=100 80mmBlack
02041748 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 9-90, 90mm Insulation Disc Pack=100 90mmBlack
02041749 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 9-100, 90mm Insulation Disc Pack=100 100mmBlack
02041750 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 9-120, 90mm Insulation Disc Pack=100 120mmBlack
02041751 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 9-140, 90mm Insulation Disc Pack=50 140mmBlack
02041752 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 9-160, 90mm Insulation Disc Pack=50 160mmBlack
02041753 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 9-180, 90mm Insulation Disc Pack=50 180mmBlack
02041754 Fastener, Insulation X-IE 9-200, 90mm Insulation Disc Pack=50 200mmBlack

Specialising in construction technology, Hilti is a global market-leader providing system solutions for construction professionals.

Founded in 1941 in Liechtenstein, Hilti remains a family business looked after by the Martin Hilti Family Trust.

Today Hilti operates in over 120 countries across 6 continents and has had a base in the UK since 1958.

With 4-5% of global sales invested in research and development every year, Hilti are fully committed to investing in innovation, bringing two waves of new products to the UK every year.

At Hilti, our products are only half the story, the best products also come with the best services. Whether our customers prefer to own their tools or let us manage them, we offer a full range of services to ensure higher productivity and improved safety.

In addition to this, Hilti ON!Track delivers fully supported and effective asset management, tackling one of the major challenges facing the construction industry, especially for complex organisations operating across a number of sites and locations: www.hilti.co.uk/ontrack

For Hilti, the customer is at the heart of everything we do and we continually strive to improve their experience by building lasting partnerships. Our purpose is to: ‘passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future’.

Underpinned by a foundation of core values; teamwork, courage, commitment and integrity, Hilti strive to create a caring and inclusive working environment that is lived in our culture across the entire organisation.

To support our customers we have a national team of more than 300 specially-trained Account Managers who work closely with our customers both in the office and on-site, delivering tailored solutions to overcome challenges, improve health and safety and maximise productivity.

Having a direct customer relationship is one of the key differentiating factors that sets us apart from other equipment suppliers in the marketplace. Whether its support on-site from our dedicated Key Account Managers and Engineering teams, on the phone with our Customer Service Representatives, online with our E-business team or in-store at one of our local Hilti Stores, our teams work continuously to improve relationships and build partnerships with our loyal customer base.

Our innovative product offering combined with our industry leading services and direct sales model means we can provide a comprehensive service, supporting customers to improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce overall costs, whilst optimising health and safety on-site.