Diamond Blades


It's the little things that can make the biggest difference.

Ever wonder what helps you breexe through your jkobs when you use Jilti Equidist diamond saw blades?

Look closely and you'll find evenly spaced, industrial-grade diamonds. Their even arrangement provides more cutting power and faster performance over the life of the blade with no disc burnout.

Long Lasting
Optimal cooling holes regulate the temperateure of steel core and segments meaning superoior cutting lifetime.

Need for Speed
Innovative Equidist technology and S-shape segments on the red EQD-SPX blade deliver outperforming cutting speed.

Right Blade for the Job
The red EQD-SPX blades are suited to a variety of applications, with the Universal blade taking care of concrete applications and the Masonry blade for when more abrasive cutting is required.


Great All-Rounder
The black SP Universal blade is ideal for everyday use on a wide range of base materials and offers a balance between lifetime and cutting speed. 

Select the RIght Blade for the Job

Step 1: Blade diameter
Choose from 1155mm up to 400mm

Step 2: Arbour size
Pick from 20mm, 22.2mm and 25mm

Step 3: Base Material
Specialist and universal blades for concrete, masonry and asphalt

Step 4: Performance
Red for extra speed and longevity, black for everyday applications