Simple. Fast. Versatile.



CFS-D Firestop cable disc

Installing firestop around cable bundles is now easier and faster than ever before.

Designed for electricians, the new Hilti CFS-D Firestop cable disc can accommodate cable bundles (up to 25 mm diameter) in regular and irregular openings, with a wide range of base materials, cable and conduit types.

You will never look at firestopping in the same way again!

Simple: Sealant-free with no backfill


Pre-formed, surface mounted solution with a collar-type design. Single product approach, and associated labour savings, make it really cost-effective

Fast: install in 10 seconds or less

No need for additional tools, sealant or specialist knowledge.

Just peel, stick, done!

Versatile: broad range of applications


Suitable for a broad range of base materials including drywall, concrete and masonry. As well as a wide variety of cable types and conduits.