Vent-Axia Delivers the New Sound of Silence



Innovative British ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia is leading the way in silent design with its new and improved Silent Fan range. Still the quietest bathroom fan on the market available at an astonishingly quiet 12dB(A), the popular Silent Fan now has six new models added to its range offering increased flexibility and choice for electricians and households. With the new Silent Fan range boasting an IP45-rating and including variable speed models, humidistat options and up to a 5-year-warranty, it has never been simpler to select the right silent fan for the job. And with all models offering ultra-low sound levels, households will be able to relax in comfort, free from noise-related stress, therefore reducing callbacks for electricians.

With the new Silent Fan range comprising eight models to choose from more households can benefit from the sound of silence and select the type of Silent Fan that suits them. Now offering an IP45-rating (for Zone 1) the new Silent Fan makes installation easier and safer since the fan can be safely installed in the splash zone. This makes the Silent Fan ideal for bathrooms and shower rooms of all sizes. Silently improving indoor air quality, the new Silent Fan is now also available with a wider range of control options so customers can select the fan that is right for them. These include the original basic and timer options with a new addition of humidistat models to further help in the fight against condensation and mould.


With electricians and households alike keen for a simple, trouble-free fan installation that meets a home’s ventilation needs the Silent Fan ticks all the right boxes. The new Silent Fan range includes three variable speed intermittent fans that are suitable for most applications with basic, timer and humidistat options. The variable speeds provide added flexibility during installation on site since electricians can simply adjust the fan speed depending on the individual needs of the project, ensuring the right fan every time. For example, if a fan needs to cope with long ducting the electrician can just turn up the speed to achieve the required airflow at a sound level that is acceptable to the occupant. Variable speed models also come with a 5-year warranty.

“Our new Silent Fan Range not only delivers stylish and silent ventilation without compromising on performance, but now comes with even more features and model options. With an expanded range from 2 to 8 units, it provides flexibility when choosing the right fan so that more households can benefit from the sound of silence” said Tom Wodcke, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “At just 12dBA the Silent Fan is the quietest intermittent extractor fan on the market and has been awarded the Quiet Mark, the Gold Standard for quiet products. Households can be reassured that when the Silent Fan claims to be quiet it really is since the fan’s installed performance is tested, not just the sound levels when the fan is free to air.”

Complying fully with the current Building Regulations Approved Document F and L the Silent Fan is designed for wall, ceiling, window and panel mounting. Plus, the Silent Fan will fit into existing 100mm ducts, and is fully compatible with existing silent fan installations making it ideal for replacement applications. Households will be keen to keep energy bills to a minimum and so the Silent Fan’s energy efficient motor with an energy consumption of between 1.7-7.5 Watts is another great selling point for electricians.

The new Silent Fan range comprises three variable speed intermittent fans that are suitable for most applications with basic, timer and humidistat options. There are also three intermittent extractor fans with basic, timer and humidity models and two variable speed, continuous running fans which come in timer and humidistat versions.

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