Scolmore expands USB-C socket outlet range



The proliferation of connected devices continues and with it the need for fast, convenient charging.  With USB-C becoming more popular and taking over from the original Type A charging port, Scolmore has expanded its USB-C product range.

Already offering a 13A 2 gang switched safety shutter socket outlet with integrated Type A & Type C USB ports, the company has now added a new, 1 gang version to complete the range.

The 13A 1 gang switched safety shutter socket outlet with Type A & C USB (4A shared) has been designed to enhance and further expand the Click USB socket offering, with 1 gang & 2 gang socket outlets with Type A & C ports now available across the Click wiring accessories ranges.

The safety shutters contained within the 1 and 2 gang socket outlets with integrated Type A & Type C USB offer increased security and reassurance. All three pins of a UK BS Standard plug must be inserted to release the locking mechanism to allow the safety shutters to open.

At the same time, Scolmore has added new Type A & C New Media modules.  The dual USB module 2A Type A and 3A Type C modules are available in black, grey and white.

Type C USB is the connector of the future and is already available on a number of devices. Type C USB is small and discrete. It is reversible and can be plugged in either upwards or downwards with no risk of damage.

The USB Type A connector is one of the earliest and most recognizable USB connectors. It has been the standard USB port on computers and laptops for many years. It’s designed to connect various peripherals and devices to a host device.

The Click 1 and 2 gang Type A & C USB socket outlets are available in the following ranges – Deco, Deco+, Define, Definity Complete, Mode, Part M, Polar and Metal Clad.