Why is electric underfloor heating the future?


underfloor heating

More people are turning to electric heating to warm their home. As a result, our underfloor heating solutions are in rising demand with the trade.

There are a number of reasons for this growth.

In 2022, the UK government made changes to Part L Building Regulations as part of their Net Zero target. This dictates that all new homes must produce 31% less carbon emissions than is currently acceptable.

This means more tradespeople are turning to energy efficient heating, often in the form of electric underfloor systems.

Additionally, electric systems are quick to install, easy to use and cost-effective, keeping bills down and allowing for freedom of design. With a variety of different options available, electric underfloor heating systems are a versatile choice for many customers.

Stocking electrical underfloor heating systems provides tradespeople with the efficient, consistent and luxurious heating solution they’re increasingly searching for. It helps them satisfy their clients’ needs – and keep up to date with changing regulations.

How can we help you?

Backed by over 30 years’ experience, here at Amber Underfloor Heating we supply highly efficient, effective and durable electric underfloor heating systems to tradespeople through wholesalers, distributers and kitchen, bathroom and tile showrooms.

Alongside our unique and comprehensive range of Amber branded products, we are also the leading supplier of DEVI products in the UK and Ireland.

To find out more about our range of electric underfloor heating solutions, visit www.amberufh.co.uk to view the full Amber range.