Turnbull & Scott turns 90 and puts out an appeal


LogoDescription automatically generatedTurnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd has been part of the industrial landscape in Hawick since 1933 and now in 2023 it celebrates its 90th anniversary. Throughout the decades, the company has had connections to numerous organisations and people and is now seeking assistance in gathering as thorough a record of its history as is possible.  

Peter Murphy, Managing Director explains “We are extremely proud of our long history in Hawick, and we hope that in sharing our history on our website, we can illustrate our appreciation of the people and the values that have made the company what it is today. We appeal to not only to the local community and past employees, but to past customers and suppliers too, to help us and bring us stories, newspaper cuttings, pictures and artefacts that they may have of earlier times at Turnbull & Scott, so that we can consolidate and share a deeper appreciation of who we are.”  

DiagramDescription automatically generatedThroughout 2023 the Turnbull & Scott (T&S) team will be sharing stories, photos and more on its website to showcase its journey through the decades. Already accounts from people, families and company archives are amassing and the first pages on its illustrious history have been launched. These begin with the story of the company's formation during a tumultuous time and include the tale of a fascinating hand tool which was recovered from Germany during World War 2.   

An extensive corporate history web page has just been launched which highlights different companies that Turnbull & Scott has had ties with over the years. The page outlines how Hunt Moscrop (HM), now part of the Voith group, acquired Turnbull & Scott sometime before 1972. The Annual Report of HM for 1972 lists T&S as a General Engineering business alongside the other group of companies (pictured right).? 

These HM companies included Hunt Moscrop Canada which was active in Textiles and Paper, Hunt HX which made extended surface heat exchangers, Johnstone & Hunt which made shell & tube heat exchangers, and finally Chemical & Thermal Engineering which focused on chemical and process engineering.?It is believed that it was through the connection with HM and the associated companies, that Turnbull & Scott became experts in the design and manufacture of finned tube and extended surface heat exchangers.? 

Connections to the engineering company Mather & Platt have been found also which outline the inception of Turnbull & Scott’s iconic Thermolier industrial unit heater products. Turnbull & Scott are appealing for more information which can help fill in any gaps and ensuring that the information out there is as accurate as it can be. 

If you have been involved with Turnbull & Scott or have a story to tell which could feature on the history pages, please get in touch. https://www.turnbull-scott.co.uk/share-your-story/