Turnbull & Scott Celebrates 90th Anniversary


On August 1, Turnbull & Scott welcomed Gillian Martin, the Scottish Minister for Energy and the Environment, along with a host of other distinguished guests, to celebrate our 90th anniversary at our factory in Hawick. We first offered the guests a guided tour in our factory and then presented them a timeline of our history including a patchwork of artefacts and documents; part of it unearthed from the dust-coated documents in the corners of our old factory, and part of it generously contributed by our esteemed veteran staff.

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There were over 30 guests who attended the event – a mix of our suppliers, investors, staff and more. As guests learned about the history of Turnbull & Scott, they were also treated to an array of freshly baked goods and homemade jams provided by local suppliers in Hawick.

At Turnbull & Scott, we value the path which led us here today. Throughout 2023, on our website, we have been sharing stories, photos and more to illustrate how proud we are of our long history. We hope that sharing our history will demonstrate our dedication to remembering the people and values which helped us get to where we are today.

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We have already launched pages telling the story of how we were formed during a tumultuous time in the UK and the tale of a fascinating tool which was recovered from Germany during World War 2. Staff stories which date all the way back to 1993 have been made available to read and we will be adding even more in the coming weeks and months.

If you have been involved with Turnbull & Scott or have a story to tell which could feature on our history pages, please get in touch, and share your story.

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During the visit, Minister Martin lauded Turnbull & Scott’s efforts towards NetZero, stating: “Some might speak slightly negatively around the chances of working toward Net Zero, but Turnbull & Scott is living proof that companies can adapt to this way of thinking. It is great to see a Scottish company doing this all while encouraging local workers and apprentices to be a part of it.”

Looking to the future, Turnbull & Scott will continue our ‘Journey to Net Zero’ by bringing Net Zero to the doorstep of our customers. From the wide adoption of energy efficiency measures to partial or full energy transition activity, we will be working directly with end-users, or ESCOs and EPCs, offering a wide range of products and services to support customers’ carbon reduction plans.