Tiny But Mighty


A large industrial machine in a factory

DOLD Industries proudly introduces the OW 5691 and OW 5699 power miniature relays, offering a perfect blend of compact size, high-power switching performance, and unmatched reliability.

Maximum Power in Minimal Space

Despite their small dimensions of just 20.2 x 10.1 x 12.15 mm, the OW 5691 and OW 5699 relays pack a punch. They effortlessly manage switching and continuous currents up to 8 A, making them perfect for space-constrained applications without sacrificing power.

Customised for Your Needs

Known for their wash-tight construction, the miniature relays under the DILAIS brand feature a wide operating voltage range and customisable contact materials and designs. Choose from Silver Nickel (AgNi), Silver Tin Oxide (AgSnO2), and Hard Gold plating, along with normally open or changeover contacts, to perfectly match your specific application requirements.

Easy Integration and Flexibility

Our relays are designed for conventional through-hole mounting (THT), and their DIL design allows them to fit into standard 16-pin IC sockets. This makes installation straightforward and flexible, saving you time and effort.

Top-Tier Performance and Efficiency

Featuring a high dielectric strength of ≥ 4 kV between coil and contact, these relays ensure safety and reliability. With an economical power consumption of max. 250 mW, they are energy-efficient and cost-effective. Plus, with VDE and cRUus approvals, you can trust in their quality and compliance with international standards.

Why Choose OW 5691 and OW 5699 Relays?

  • Compliance with DIN EN 61810-1 and DIN EN 60664-1 standards ensures you meet industry benchmarks.

  • Superior safety with clearance and creepage distances of ≥ 5.5 mm, adhering to EN 50178.

  • Long-lasting durability with a long mechanical lifetime, reducing maintenance needs.

  • High thermal current capacity for demanding applications.

  • Reliable performance with high switching reliability thanks to crown contact technology.

As a specialist and leading manufacturer of safe automation, electrical safety and smart drive technology, we are synonymous with quality and reliability. Experience the perfect blend of compact design, powerful performance, and customisation flexibility with our OW 5691 and OW 5699 power miniature relays. Upgrade your control systems and unlock new possibilities.

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