New Telergon M3 Series from Switchtec


Switchtec supplies the new Telergon M3 Series of compact Switch Fuses with Test Position.

Distributed by Switchtec is Telergon’ s M3 range of modular Panel Mount Switch Fuses. These disconnectors with fuses have been developed by Telergon for industrial, distribution and power electronics sector applications. These include Control Panel manufactures, BMS, Data centres and the Utilities.

The modular design of the M3 allows the product to be adapted to the number of poles specified and it has been ergonomically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the industrial sector giving the M3 a much smaller footprint.


Developed with Panel Construction in mind, Telergon designed the M3 series to be the most compact Switch Fuse on the market, enabling panel designers to save space within panels which in turn reduces enclosure size, installation time and therefore cost.

The M3 Series is comprised of 3 sizes and can be specified to accept different types of fuses to suit all applications, DIN, BS, NFC & UL. Currently available from 32 Amp up to 250A, with larger sizes under development, the M3 Series is available in 2P, 3P & 3P+N with the range benefiting from versions with a detachable neutral.

A new feature available within the M3 series of Switch Fuse is versions with built in TEST position. This enables the user to test the control circuit auxiliaries fitted to the switch without switching the main contacts of the Switch Fuse. This is often an important part of maintenance procedures and testing, as described within WIMES 3.01 & 3.04 (Water Industry Mechanical & Electrical Specification) facilitating maintenance and guaranteeing the safety of the equipment.

With safety and simplicity at the fore front of the design the M3 range is supplied with interlocked fuse protection covers which cannot be opened in the ‘ON’ position and their transparency allows easy visibility of fuses.  It also includes an optimised contact system for improved overload and short circuit protection.

The innovative design of the M3 allows it to be mounted horizontal (standard), vertical and at a 45° angle if so desired.

Switchtec have had a long-standing partnership with Telergon, the switch specialist, who have more than 65 years’ experience in switchgear design, manufacturing and R&D with a presence in more than 100 countries.

As with all products from distributor Switchtec, the company’s experienced, technically qualified field sales staff are available to discuss specific needs and to provide further information and support.