Safety first with the Super Cam from Super Rod


Super Cam

In the ever-evolving field of electrical work, prioritising safety is paramount for every electrician. With the advent of innovative tools, electricians now have access to cutting-edge equipment that not only enhances efficiency but also ensures safer working conditions. One such ground-breaking tool is the Super Cam Wireless Inspection Camera from Super Rod, revolutionising the way electricians approach inspections and ensuring a 'Smarter Way to Inspect.'

  • Safety in Hard-to-Reach Places:
    Electricians often find themselves working in challenging and hard-to-reach spaces, whether it be inspecting cavities, exploring beneath floors, or assessing areas above ceilings. The Super Cam Wireless Inspection Camera addresses these safety concerns by providing a solution that eliminates the need to use expensive phones for visual inspection. By attaching the Super Cam to the end of rods or utilising the telescopic pole, electricians can work more safely and efficiently in confined spaces, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

  • Ground-Level Inspections:
    Traditionally, electricians had to work at height to inspect certain areas, posing potential risks. The Super Cam Wireless Inspection Camera eliminates this need, allowing electricians to keep their feet on the ground while conducting inspections. The wireless range of up to 20 meters ensures that the camera can reach a wide range of spaces, providing flexibility without compromising safety.

  • Incorporated Voltage Detector:
    The Super Cam goes a step further in ensuring safety with the incorporation of a non-contact voltage detector (50V-1000V AC). This feature provides a visual and/or audio alert whenever the device approaches any live cable, alerting electricians to potential hazards. This additional safety measure prevents accidental contact with live wires, reducing the risk of electrical shocks and injuries.

  • Documentation and Compliance:
    In the dynamic field of electrical installations, documentation plays a crucial role, especially with the introduction of new regulations. The Super Cam Wireless Inspection Camera empowers electricians to document their work seamlessly. The ability to record videos with sound enables accurate reporting, facilitating the creation of detailed inspection reports and quotations. This feature not only enhances professionalism but also ensures compliance with the latest regulations for electrical installations.

Conclusion: what are the benefits?

  • Speeding Up Visual Inspections: The Super Cam enables electricians to swiftly conduct visual inspections, reducing the time spent on assessing hard-to-reach areas.
  • Accurate Inspection Reports and Quotations: The camera's recording capabilities ensure that electricians can provide clients with precise reports and quotations, enhancing transparency and credibility.
  • Easier Fault Finding: With the Super Cam, electricians can identify faults more efficiently, enabling faster and more effective troubleshooting.
  • Safe Working in Hard-to-Reach Places: By eliminating the need for manual inspection in confined spaces, the Super Cam enhances safety and minimises the risk of accidents.
  • Time-Saving Cable Installation: The wireless inspection capabilities of the Super Cam contribute to a streamlined cable installation process, saving valuable time for electricians.

In conclusion, the Super Cam Wireless Inspection Camera from Super Rod is a game-changer for electricians, offering a host of safety features alongside enhanced efficiency.

Electricians can now work confidently, knowing they have a reliable ally in the Super Cam, making safety the top priority in every electrical project.

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