Snug helps homeowners plug into energy savings



This autumn sees the team at innovative underfloor heating brand Snug launch their latest smart thermostat, the SnugStat-RF – designed to make it easier to add smart thermostats to retrofits and for homeowners to control how much energy they use, and how much money they spend.

The fifth product in Snug’s family of thermostats, the SnugStat-RF makes smart heating control accessible and affordable for more people. Because it’s completely wireless, there’s no need to hardwire it into your heating system, chisel out walls or have expensive extra work done.

And unlike most models on the market, the SnugStat-RF doesn’t need to connect to a hub, making it even more cost-effective to install. The sleek, simple thermostat just plugs straight into a standard plug or USB port – ideal for retrofitting and ready to go, right out of the box.

It’s capable of controlling underfloor heating, central heating, hot water and heated towel rails – and it’s even got smart learning capabilities, designed to help homeowners save energy and money. So, if you’d like your kitchen at 20º by 7am, the SnugStat-RF will learn how long it takes to heat that room, turning on just in time to hit that temperature – and not before.


Because it’s fully Wi-Fi enabled, the new thermostat can be controlled in two easy ways – through its intuitive touchscreen, or from your phone using Snug’s specially designed SnugStat app.

Clear, simple and user friendly, the app’s a quick, easy way to check the temperature and turn your heating on, off, up or down, whether you’re at the office, the shops or out walking the dog. The app can even control more than one thermostat – or more than one house – making it easier to be energy conscious this winter, and beyond.

For more information, simply contact the friendly expert Snug team on 01772 761333, email sales@firsttrace.co.uk or visit www.snugufh.co.uk