New Sinergy literature provides fast-track to sub-metering success


Energy sub-metering delivers hard facts to businesses needing to pinpoint power usage in order to cut bills and carbon emissions.

This detailed measurement of energy use within any building - by floor, department, circuit, even individual machine - is an established and non-invasive method of providing users with detailed power usage profiles by the minute, day, week, month and year.

Marshall-Tufflex is a specialist in this market, offering portable, fixed and bespoke solutions through its Sinergy brand, which has saved customers hundreds of thousands of pounds (recently a manufacturer client recouped £65,000 in overpaid electricity charges thanks to Sinergy identifying a billing error).

British manufacturer Marshall-Tufflex has produced new literature outlining how Sinergy sub-metering works and what it delivers to clients, from identifying excessive energy use to establishing trends (weekly, seasonal, operational etc) to reducing energy costs through improved efficiency and determining future energy use/site capacity, crucial when planning site developments.

To find out more visit www.marshalltufflexenergy.com and request the Sinergy sub-metering solutions brochure.