Secure’s BX2000


Our BX2000 is a water heating boost control device designed to work with electric water heating systems. It is particularly useful for systems where the immersion heaters are managed by the Electricity Company's Radio Teleswitch, Radio Telemeter, or Tariff time-switch. The device allows users to 'top up' hot water during the day while the main water heating occurs overnight using off-peak electricity, making it cost-efficient.


The BX2000 is packed full of benefits and features, such as:

  • Simple installation
  • One-hour or two-hour boost
  • Always give priority to Off-peak supply
  • Incorporates 2 double pole switches
  • Accepts all incoming and outgoing wiring for single, dual or 2 separate 3kw immersion heater applications

And many more!

If you want to place an order or contact us directly, please email sales_uk@securemeters.com.