Endor Customisable Downlights



The concept behind Endor was to enable you to create diverse lighting environments using one luminaire range, for a consistent style throughout. Endor allows designers to work with different lighting applications, light outputs, beam angles, housings, reflectors and finishes, using unobtrusive and low glare fixtures. The extensive creative design process at RICOMAN has led to a multitude of options which all guarantee optimal optic performance and maximum visual comfort. The vast range of options allow you to work with the Endor luminaire throughout the entire project, meeting the different needs of each room.

Multitude of Options

The Endor collection features a wide range of recessed lighting fixtures, combining a discreet presence with high performance. You can choose your size and your housing from square, round or trimless round. Beam angles options are 15°, 38°or 55°. Downlight or wallwash reflectors are available in Titanium, Polished Chrome or Matte Silver finishes.

Optical Performance

The RICOMAN engineers are on a continuous journey to align form with function in all that they design. Energy-efficiency and optimal quality of light is reached through precise engineering followed by rigorous in-house testing. The engineers at RICOMAN have a wealth of experience and an advanced knowledge of product development which enables continuous improvements to be made. The various reflector and beam angle options allow uniform illumination and optimal beam alignment, whilst enhancing the aesthetic of the luminaires.