NET LED Lighting’s Brand New Product Catalogue


Guess what?

NET LED Lighting is over the moon to shout out their brand new 2024 catalogue! We understand electrical wholesalers are juggling a million things, so we’ve made it super easy for you to check out our latest products right from your computer. No more digging through old, out-of-date catalogues – just a few clicks, and boom, you’re in!

Keep reading for a sneaky peek of what to expect from NET LED Lighting:

Shelford Bulkheads

Shelford Bulkhead

A slimline bulkhead full of features with a price that will keep your customers coming back!

  • Easy-peasy installation – four side conduits and one rear conduit ensure a quick and flexible installation

  • Emergency? No problem – choose between Self Test Emergency and non-Self Test Emergency as standard

  • Choose your power – select either 12W or 18W with the dual wattage driver

  • Safety first – tamper-proof screws for that extra peace of mind

  • Smart moves – Microwave Sensor available on select options for those cost-conscious customers

Kingston Downlights

Kingston Downlight

6” and 8” recessed downlights with a low glare diffuser

  • No more glare – UGR<19 rated diffuser for ultimate comfort

  • Quick installation – stainless steel retaining clips ensure no need for additional tools

  • Easily fit into existing holes – Ø145-210mm cut-out sizes for those retrofitting jobs

  • Customise lighting levels – reduce electricity consumption with the Tridonic Dimmable Driver on dimmable options

And the best part?

All products are linked directly to the myNETLED Order Portal. Ordering what you need is quick, easy, and without fuss.

Click here to dive straight into NET LED Lighting’s 2024 Catalogue!

Want a printed copy? Give us a call on 01223 851505 and our friendly Sales Team will help you out in no time.