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The term "Industry 4.0" was created in Germany in 2011 describing the beginning of the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is about intelligent networking and informatisation of manufacturing technology in real time and building a "smart factory" of all trades in a company.

Experience plus connection to the future

Processes in networked industries run increasingly in the digital domain. Consequence: Automation and better control. This results in an increased demand for network components in the industry. Machines need to link for instance to Intranet and Internet, logistics and online shops to the manufacturing process and CAD systems to machinery and customers. MENNEKES has over 80 years of experience as specialist in energy distribution and provides solutions for Industry 4.0, with proven energy and data distribution and with energy measurement for energy and cost savings. In brief: MENNEKES helps customers keeping in touch with the future.

Energy and data

MENNEKES has decades of experience in the area of energy distribution for industrial applications – both in terms of development and production. The combination of energy and data distribution in robust industrial quality is one of the strengths of MENNEKES. The solutions range from individual data port receptacles with various inserts for RJ45 interfaces and compact network distributors with data and grounding type receptacels, mobile and suspended 3KRAFT® and AirKRAFT® distributors and AMAXX® combinations to custom-designed devices, each with integrated power sockets and data ports, and in water-and dustproof enclosures according to IP67. In addition, the proven AMAXX® receptacle combination programme enables simple flanging of enclosures with power sockets and enclosures with data port receptacles with the objective of separating power and data physically.

Industrial network distributor

With the new industrial network distributor as part of the AMAXX® range, MENNEKES offers a product for enhancing network solutions. By using a robust plastic enclosure, it becomes possible to assemble standard network components for environments with increased requirements in terms of protection level, mechanical influences or similar factors prevailing in industry and trade. Expanding existing networks is quick and establishing new networks is simple. The user has a free choice of active network components and keystones. It is easy to attach the preferred switches and routers reliably to the integrated mounting plate. The patch field for snapping in up to eight keystones can be equipped with RJ45 jacks or other inserts.

Two grouding type receptacles incorporated in the enclosure are used for power supply to active network components. Another benefit to the user: After a qualified electrician has connected the power supply, electrical non-professionals can equip and handle the enclosure.


Monitoring with energy measurement systems

With the energy measurement system, MENNEKES offers solutions for energy data collection from machines, facilities or power distribution systems in an operation. Measurement can take place continuously or temporarily with stationary or mobile devices. Apart from visualising real time data, the user can access information stored in the 3-phase power measurement device for documentation. Integrated software visualises the data over LAN or WLAN using an app on a tablet, smartphone or in a web interface. It is possible to export data manually or automatically according to an adjustable time interval. Modbus TCP/IP allows the connection of MENNEKES energy measurement systems to central energy management software.

A variety of real-time and historical data could be the basis for identifying patterns and trends resulting in appropriate adjustments. Energy monitoring is the basis for decision-making. With “condition monitoring” of machines and systems, defects, malfunctions or other deviations from normal operation can be detected and cleared quickly. Another field of use for the recorded energy data is “predictive maintenance”. For example, increased power consumption could be a sign of increased wear. Only if the energy consumption is known, a company can derive targeted measures to save energy. The energy savings in turn result in a more efficient and sustainable production and thus in significant cost savings. For companies with more than 250 employees or annual sales exceeding 50 million EUR, measuring the energy consumption is mandatory according to the new EU Energy Efficiency Directive. In general, the investment pays off quickly and increases profitability.



Networking in industrial production taking place currently under the catchphrase Industry
4.0 requires powerful and intelligent systems in power and data distribution and energy measurement. For this purpose, MENNEKES offers appropriate products and solutions specifically tailored to the requirements in these fields. On www.industrie40.MENNEKES.de, those who are interested can find relevant information on the various options for standard devices and custom solutions.