M2 Metal Wiring Accessories



M2 metal wiring accessories offers a comprehensive range of robust surface mount metal accessories for the domestic and commercial markets. With the introduction of our grid range and combined with our euro modules, the scope for applications are virtually endless. An ideal solution where a more durable accessory is needed: domestic garages, workshops and sheds or commercial warehouses, stores and factories.

The range consists of all traditional wiring accessories including 10A light switches, 13A socketsfused connection units, 20A and 45A switches as well as different USB options. All standard products come with a 40mm back box, however should a deeper box be required there is the option of 50mm boxes in 1 and 2 gang.

New to this exciting M2 range is our 20A DP keylockable switch and sockets which provide the ability to restrict access to power, perfect for public areas and cleaning access points. In addition, we are also now offering a 2 gang RCD socket and 1 gang spur which are both 30mA Type A rated and mechanically latched. Meaning there is no need to manually reset either product after a power loss.

The solid steel construction ensures the accessories are robust and durable offering additional protection to the wiring inside. The product is powder coated to RAL7040 which provides a tough and long lasting finished over the curved edge appearance with an over lapping faceplate.

The M2 metal range is ideal for applications where more robust protection is needed, such as domestic garages, workshops and commercial warehouses/factories. However its not limited to this, quite often these products can be used to enhance the interior design of a space for a more industrial look and feel. Each back box comes with multiple knockouts to help ease the installation process and can accommodate varying wiring routes for the option of retro fitting.

To further enhance the offering, the M2 metal range is complete with a traditional grid system available upto 12 gang. There are a large range of grid modules available to suit every application, from 20A DP switches to fan isolators and fuse modules. From our Redditch based factories we can also offer custom laser etching to your requirement.

In light of the major focus this project has on sustainability and in full support, all packaging used has been carefully selected to ensure it is as sustainable as possible. Both the cardboard inner cartons and the product bags used are made from recycled content and  recyclable after use.

The stand alone M2 metal range is another step towards providing our valued customers a complete solution for their wiring accessory needs. This range has been developed and tailored to your needs and one final piece of support we can provide from M2 is to extend our 25 year product guarantee over the entire range.

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