LinePro Voltage Protection Gloves



The striking red hand protector is made with natural latex and is available in two levels of voltage protection, both are PPE Category III.  The Class 0 glove is designed for shock protection up to 1000 volts and the Class 00 glove will protect up to 500 volts.  This gives you options so you can select the glove that best suits your environment, hazard and activity.

Linepro is form-fitting and the high-wristed, gauntlet style design makes it the perfect choice for secure and reliable protection.  It has advanced dielectric properties which provide a protective layer of insulation covering the hand and wrist.  The construction is designed for great hand agility especially in low temperatures and it provides outstanding levels of flexibility.

The natural rubber latex conforms to eco-friendly standards and an innovative drying system further enhances the insulating properties.  Each glove undergoes an intensive quality inspection to ensure its electrical defence capability before its packed in opaque UV resistant bags within individual boxes to safeguard it until ready for use.

Anyone working with electrics will find this glove a great asset.