LIA Verified Scheme


We all know the lighting industry is full of inflated claims from some brands with regard to colour stability, efficiency, lumen output and reliability. But now you can be certain that the claimed specification of a ROBUS product is accurate, true and realistic because many ROBUS products are now first to be certified under the LIA Laboratories Verified Scheme

The new LIA Verified Scheme independently verifies the safety and performance of LED lamps and luminaires against the manufacturer’s performance claims. The scheme firstly verifies safety to European standards, followed by initial “performance verification” of manufacturer’s specification claims, and then “life” verification to 2000 hours. The “life” verification test works to highlight any early failures and demonstrate that the product under test is on target to meet lifetime claims. The Verified Scheme is totally independent and operates in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust (EST), which permits the use of its product approval branding on all compliant products.

LED Group are the first manufacturer to gain certification with the ROBUS Eternity LED Downlight, Triled Fire Rated LED Downlight, Vulcan LED Corrosion Proof and the Golf and Oyster LED Surface Fittings. All of which meet the scheme requirements to carry the LIA Laboratories Verified Mark. The scheme is the only such UK scheme to carry the endorsement of the EST who permit the use of their product approval branding on all compliant products as per the ROBUS packaging seen here:

The ROBUS Eternity, Vulcan, Oyster and Triled are now listed on the new dedicated website www.lialabcert.org.uk where you can view the full test reports on each of these products:

ETERNITY LED Downlight: Designed to offer greater flexibility and to suit modern building designs, the shallow recessed ETERNITY fittings are ideal PL replacements for corridors, foyers/reception areas, showroom and stairwells. 25W LED comparable to 2 x 26W PL, utilising high quality SMD LEDs with 50,000 hour lifetime, providing energy savings of 50% and Part L compliant.

TRILED LED Downlight: Design, Performance and Compliance – the TRILED guarantee. This class leading fitting has a host of features and boasts low energy, fire rating, Part L compliance and a unique optical design. 9W LED comparable to 50W Halogen, available in dimmable and non-dimmable, providing energy savings in excess of 80%.

GOLF LED Surface Fitting with Pro-diffuser: The latest version of the market leading ROBUS Golf utilises SMD LED technology, combined with an innovation in diffuser technology which improves efficiency and doubles the typical lumen output of a standard LED surface fitting – now achieving 75 luminaire lumens per circuit watt. Provides energy savings of up to 65%, Part L complaint, and can be switched by microwave and/or photocell.

OYSTER LED Surface Fitting: Utilising the latest SMD LED and driver technology, this fitting provides a cost effective, energy saving and low maintenance solution. Ideal for apartments, public buildings, stairwells and corridors, 30,000 hour average lamp life and 55% energy savings compared to a conventional fluorescent fitting

VULCAN LED Corrosion Proof fitting: Designed for demanding industrial applications, the ROBUS Vulcan is the ultimate energy saving, corrosion-proof LED solution for car parks, cold stores, corridors and garages. It provides quality of light and substantial energy and maintenance savings. It’s a simple retrofit or ideal for a new build. The 2x40W version replaces 2x58W T8 fluorescent, produces 100 lumens per circuit watt, has a 50,000 hour lamp life and produces energy savings of circa 35%.

All ranges are simple retrofit solutions and compliant with Part L regulations. More ROBUS products are in the process of being Verified which will be announced in the coming weeks so watch this space!

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