Firechief Lithium-ion battery safety awareness training gains CPD certification


Firechief now has a CPD accredited training course – ‘An introduction to the burning issues surrounding Lithium-Ion Battery Fires.’  

The 45-minute CPD accredited introductory course provides the information needed to live and work safely with Lithium-ion battery (LiB) powered devices and electric vehicles.  The training can be provided either online as a webinar or as a face-to-face presentation, depending on the number of delegates to be trained.

Lithium-ion battery fires are a growing problem. There has been a massive increase in awareness of the risks they pose over last 3 years, and they are now recognised as a serious Health & Safety issue by many - including Health & Safety managers.

Those who are responsible for health and safety or fire safety at work and want to understand the risks of Lithium-ion battery fires in their organisation and identify and manage them, will find this course helpful, providing them with the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the magnitude of the risk which Lithium-ion battery fires pose.
  • See some examples of Lithium-ion battery fires.
  • Gain an understanding of why LiB fires happen.
  • Understand how to manage devices containing Lithium-ion batteries to help mitigate the fire risk.

Laurie Pollard, Managing Director of Firechief Global commented;  ‘We have developed this course specifically to highlight the risks of Lithium-ion battery fires.  We recommend you do this course if your organisation uses laptops, mobile phones, power tools or forklift trucks; allows employees to use and charge their personal LiB powered devices on site; stores new Lithium-ion battery powered devices or new Li-ion batteries; stores or recycles used or damaged Lithium-ion battery powered devices or Li-ion batteries; has employees bringing and charging e-bikes or e-scooters on site; has electric vehicles being parked or charged on site; has battery energy storage systems; or sells or repairs Lithium-ion battery powered products’.

Those attending the course will earn CPD points and a certificate and the opportunity to get a free download of the Firechief Lithium-ion battery safety poster to use in their workplace.

To find out more, register your interest or book a place on the course, click here or visit   Lithium-Ion Battery Fires - A burning issue in today's world - Courses | The CPD Certification Service (cpduk.co.uk)

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