New 6mm Push-In connector


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IDEAL Industries, global leader in manufacturing of wire connectors and installation tools, is launching the latest addition to its popular Push-In range of wire connectors; the 41A rated 3-port push-in wire connector capable of handling up to 6mm2 cable.

Produced in the US, along with the rest of the high-quality Push-In range, the new CE approved, 3-port connector is fully tested and compliant to BS 7671:2018 (18th Edition), IEC 60998-2-2, UKCA and UL 486C/UL 467 grounding standards. Suitable for solid and stranded cable up to 6mm2 and with a rating of up to 41A, the new connectors are perfect for a wide range of wiring applications including cookers and showers, providing quick, simple and secure connections.

Available in a box of 30 pieces, the blue 6mm2 connector strengthens the colour-coded Push-In range which comprises a further six connectors, from 2- to 8-port options for up to 4mm2, suitable for the simplest to the more complex installs.

Mike Cullom, Northern Europe Sales Manager, IDEAL Industries, said, “We’re delighted to be bringing the 6mm2 Push-In connector to the European market having obtained CE and UKCA marking. This extension to the range means we now cover additional applications drawing larger amounts of current. The connector has already proved popular in the US, and we have no doubt it will also be well received here with its numerous benefits, including ease of use, ergonomic grip and low insertion force.”

Cut Installation Time by Half

Push-In electrical connectors from IDEAL Industries feature an intuitive, user-friendly design which can reduce installation time by up to 50% compared to more traditional connection methods such as terminal blocks; simply push in the conductor after stripping.

The handy transparent housing enables easy visual verification of connections, while a dedicated test port is included to confirm continuity. What’s more, as the range is colour-coded, the connectors are easily identifiable, with the tough, flame-retardant shells standing up to the harshest of environments.

Thanks to their ergonomic design, the versatile connectors are easy to grip, ensuring more comfortable push-in connections, and their compact size allows effective installation in even the tightest spots or shallow boxes. Simply strip, push and connect for the fastest way to make a connection.

Cullom added, “Following on from the unveiling of the 6mm2 Push-In connector this year, we will be introducing a lever version in 2024, offering even more options for reliable, professional installs and continuing our market-driven approach to developing products that help to save time and reduce costs, while improving quality and ease of use.”