Hire Station worked alongside N G Bailey to support Nicola Jeffery-Sykes in aid of Macmillan. Nicola is an active fundraiser for Macmillan and often puts on events to raise awareness and to generate donations in support of Macmillan and other cancer charities.


Nicola herself has suffered with cancer on six occasions which makes her efforts all the more impressive. Nicola often hosts events at her house in Upper Mill. Nicola wanted to make improvements outside so that she could continue putting on fund raising events at her house.  Hire Station visited her house and worked with Nicola to decide what equipment would be best to complete the jobs.  


It was then decided that the tennis court would be re-fenced and the surface levelling with the removal of tarmac which would also be cleaned. This area is where Nicola hosts her afternoon tea parties. Some landscaping would also be done to the lower garden. 


For the renovation Hire Station provided two bowser pressure washers, podiums to help install the new fencing and a track mat for a mini digger. NG Bailey then used the equipment provided to transform the property.