Power and Lighting Boards 'Meter' your expectations



Part L2 of the Building Regulations for England and Wales (2016) has driven the requirement to manage and measure energy consumption in non-domestic buildings.

A key driver behind Part L2 was the need for those using metering to be able to identify where energy was being used, where it is being wasted and where energy efficiencies could be implemented within the building.

We have created a solution to help support compliance with the legislative requirements of Part L2 with our new power and lighting board range.

These boards separate the power and lighting distribution, allowing the client to monitor and manage the performance of each load separately so key energy efficiencies can be identified and implemented.

Furthermore, with the selectable Pulse/Modbus meter it allows the metering communications protocol to be determined later in the project, removing the risk that the specification will be changed. This means that the installer has a single solution for the monitoring and data capture requirements of commercial buildings under their Part L2 commitments.

56What are the key features?

  • Dual output enables straightforward integration to either a data logger or a network/building management system
  • Optimised for size between the two offers, maximising cable space with the deepest base (165.5m) and a width that does not compromise space for cables
  • A glazed door allows the occupier to read the meter without accessing the unit

Our range of power and lighting boards are ideal for a variety of applications such as education, commercial and multi-residential buildings.

Facilities managers and occupants can monitor where energy is being used for different applications in their building and, where necessary, invest in energy efficient products, such as our range of occupancy sensors, to help reduce the cost of lighting in the building.

With added pressure for contractors to maximise operational efficiencies and complete a project without a delay, our power and lighting boards provide a factory fitted metered solution which is installed in the same manner as a traditional board with metering. This type of solution offers greater connectivity, increased energy monitoring and measurement capability for facilities managers.

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