Shower Board Timer



GARO manufactures a comprehensive range of boards to control Electric showers. Shower Boards are installed to ensure that two showers cannot operate at full power at the same time. If this was to happen, the main protective device would operate and cut off power to the entire house.

Significant electricity savings can be obtained by installing our Non-Priority Board with timer. In an average house, reducing the average shower time down to 6 minutes, will generate significant savings in your electricity bill after 1 month.

GARO has four standard products to choose from in our range. Priority Board makes one shower a master and the other shower a slave. When the master is switched on, the slave shower is automatically isolated, even if it is running. The Non-Priority treats both showers equally. When either is turned on, the other is isolated.

We also manufacture a board to control from 3 to 6 electric showers. This boards treats all showers equally. When one is turned on, the others are isolated.

GARO now has a new Non-Priority Board which provides non-priority control with a timer installed to control the amount of time the shower is used. The timer has 3 settings:

  • Off
  • 6 Minutes
  • 10 Minutes

When not "off" the showers operate as normal, however 1 minute before the end of the timed cycle, the shower will switch off for 0.2 seconds to indicate that there is 1 remaining minute of shower time. The power button on the shower should then be manually switched off.

All GARO shower boards are fitted with a type A RCBO, which has been specifically designed for controlling 9KW electric showers. Utilising our new 1 Module 40 Amp contactor, our shower boards significantly smaller than other manufacturers. Our contactor also has a rectified DC coil which insures that the contactors aresilent.

GARO can also incorporate a shower board within a standard distribution board, and can also manufacture boards to control up to 6 showers.