Frost Protection


Electric Finned Tube Radiator

As we head into the colder months, please remember to check that you have adequate frost protection in place. This is essential for protecting critical equipment in your plant and control rooms over the winter.
To maintain safe temperatures in critical areas and protect electrical or fluid systems we at Turnbull & Scott can provide robust industrial electrical heaters to warm the circulating air in these key areas.
Check out our frost protection workhorse, the IP65 rated heavy-duty Electric Finned Tube Radiator which can be supplied at 110V or 230V with heat outputs from 0.6 to 2kW.
Highly versatile, these radiators are used in all sorts of settings including reception areas, retail stores, storage areas, static or mobile shipping containers, museum halls, zoos, greenhouses and they are absolutely ideal for plant and control rooms where electrical or fluid systems require protection from frost damage.
If you have any questions regarding what might best suit your situation or to do heat loss calculations, get in touch with us via telephone on 01450 372 053 or click here.