New 3-7 Pole Plug-in Ceiling Rose



Flex7 have just released the world’s first 3-7 pole ‘decorative’ plug-in ceiling rose. Prota plug-in ceiling rose is available in 3,4,5,6 and 7-pole options. It can be used for on/off, dimming, or specialised lighting applications. The pluggable connection means that luminaires can be connected and disconnected under load.

The socket mounts straight onto any standard BESA box, and has large capacity terminals, which easily accept 5 x 1.50mm ² conductors.
The cleverly designed side-facing terminals are easily accessible for test equipment probes. There’s no need to pull the socket away from the BESA box, and no need to disturb the fixed wiring - simply remove the socket cover to access.

To make wiring the plug-in ceiling rose socket as easy as possible, it has been designed to sit flush with the BESA box. As a result there is no back projection into the BESA box, and wiring space is maximised, which reduces the risk of trapping or stressing conductors as the socket is secured.

As with all flex7 products, The Prota has been designed and manufactured in The UK.