New Wireless HDMI Senders from ESP



Watch the video here:  https://youtu.be/7PnXzCuVW0I

ESP has launched a new range of wireless HDMI senders that are designed to overcome the problems associated with HDMI cable restrictions.

Part of ESP’s Essentials product range, the new HDMI senders offer a number of solutions for sending HDMI source signals throughout the home and office.  Predominately targeting the application for sending the HDMI output of a CCTV system to a monitor, the range also offers versatility for other HDMI sources that are positioned remotely from the intended display monitor.  The Wireless HDMI Sender connects AV devices and allows them to be controlled from a different room. The signal quality stays optimal, even through a wall or floor.

The range includes wireless and wired options, and in addition features the function KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) on selected models, enabling a user to control menus and settings from the source device.

The compact wireless senders offer a smooth transmission of up to 100 metres (open field range) for quick and simple set up, whilst the wired version utilises network cable to support up to 120-metre transmission distance.

There are six different products in the range:

  • Wireless HDMI Sender Kit HD 1080P 15m range
  • Wireless HDMI Sender Kit HD1080P 50m range
  • Wireless HDMI Sender Kit HD 1080P 50m range with KVM
  • Wireless HDMI Sender Dongle Kit HD 1080P 50m range
  • Wireless HDMI Sender Kit HD1080P 100m range
  • Hardwired HDMI Sender Kit HD 1080P 120m range with KVM

For further information visit www.espuk.com , contact ESP on 01527 515150, or email sales@espuk.com