Electric Thermolier



We are delighted to launch our new Thermolier Electric Unit Heater, a new stable mate for the renowned steam-fed Thermolier Unit Heater which, with its distinctive red livery, is a common fixture in factories and warehouses throughout the UK. Like the steam-fed model the new Electric Thermolier Unit Heater is UK manufactured, built in our Hawick factory in the Scottish Borders.  

With six models in the range from 3kW to 20kW and single and 3-phase options available for our 3kW and 5kW models, the new electric heater is ideal for use right across the light and heavy industrial landscape as well as some larger scale commercial environments. 

This new heavy duty electric heater was born out of demand from industrial customers who sought a highly robust electric version of the highly durable steam heater that serves them so well for two reasons: to service areas of their plants that didn’t have a steam supply; and to support them in their quest to reduce carbon emissions. 

As companies make a concerted effort to reduce their carbon emissions, many now with specific NetZero strategies and targets, there is a real focus is on switching from fossil fuels wherever possible. The UK electricity grid is decarbonising significantly, therefore carbon emissions associated with electric heating are falling. In 2021, 54% of electricity in the UK was generated from low carbon sources (renewables & nuclear) versus 42.6% from fossil fuels. Leveraging the UK’s strategic efforts to decarbonise the energy infrastructure and utilising electricity for space heating in place of fossil fuels greatly assists companies in achieving their own carbon reduction goals.

From an efficiency perspective too, electric heaters lead the field. As all the electricity they use is turned to heat they are essentially 100% efficient.