Dinkle Stud terminal blocks offer secure and reliable electrical connections


Dinkle DKM

Dinkle Stud terminal blocks from Switchtec offer secure and reliable electrical connections

Switchtec has introduced the range of DKM Stud Terminal Blocks from Dinkle, a leading provider of electrical connection solutions. These high-power stud terminals are used to terminate incoming power cables within panels, providing a reliable, safe and secure connection and keeping cable usage to a minimum.  

Designed to provide enhanced electrical connectivity, Dinkle's Stud Terminals are ideal for a wide range of applications in industries such as renewable energy and automation. The Stud Terminals are available in different sizes and configurations, offering flexibility to accommodate diverse installation requirements. With a high-quality design, they provide secure and stable electrical connections, reducing the risk of disconnection or failure.

The DKM series is available in 100 to 415 Amp with a rated voltage of up to 1000V and can accommodate cable sizes ranging from 25mm2 to 240mm2.  The stud terminal has a modular construction, which enables the terminals to interlock with each other to provide a compact design that saves space within control panels and ensures a secure connection.

The versatile stud terminals offer many benefits and design advantages. First and foremost, they can be used to establish an electromechanical connection between large cross-section, high current carrying cables with one or more wires having smaller cross-sections, with the facility to fit 2 lugs per side (back to back), making it possible to manage multiple load connections and a wide range of cable and wire sizes. The stud terminal blocks can be mounted in two ways: either bolted down to a flat surface or a panel back plate or mounted on a 35mm Top Hat DIN rail. They feature a solid busbar and steel nut/bolt, which makes it highly resistant to thread stripping while also providing excellent cable retention and electrical properties.

The DKM series comes with the facility to fit phase colour coded covers. Suitable for all sizes of Stud Terminals they come in Grey, Brown, Black, Green, and Blue, which make it easy to identify different phases within a panel. There are test probe facilities to facilitate testing.

The stud terminal block is constructed from PA66 UL94-VO material, which is a type of plastic that is resistant to high temperatures and flame retardant. The Dinkle Stud Terminals are designed to comply with international safety standards, including UL, CSA, VDE, CE & UKCA and are manufactured in accordance with EN6947-7-1.

Switchtec is also able to supply the Dinkle Stud terminals fitted in to a IP65 Mild Steel or GRP enclosures. Supplied as a pre-assembled 4 pole solution, fitted with Phase coloured terminals, this product is ideal for generator hook-up or for similar applications. Custom versions can also be created to suit applicational requirements.

Founded in 1983, Dinkle International is a leading provider of electrical connection solutions, including terminal blocks, connectors, and switches. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, Dinkle International has become a trusted partner to a wide range of industries worldwide.