Conference Room Scene Setting Kit



All products in the kit simply plug together, saving significant time on site, and reducing the need for skilled labour. Once the system is in installed there is no need for expensive commissioning, the wall mounted scene setting panel can easily be programmed by the end user.

Lighting control options include absence/presence/daylight linking/graduated daylight dimming. There also options for independent switching of projector lights and integrated emergency test.

Controlling up to 4 lighting channels, the ZoneLite acts as a connection box, distributing power to your lighting circuit, with built in control to automatically dim your lights down and turn them on/off. Luminaire leads, sensor heads and switch drops all simply plug-into the ZoneLite to complete your circuit.

Our switch drop leads operate at protected extra low voltage, which means they do not require any extra protection from an RCD, or enclosing in an earthed metallic covering, as is often the requirement for mains switch drops.

The wall mounted Scene Setting Panel is available in white plastic with a white frame, or black, with a brushed steel frame, and connection is via an RJ plug.