Atkore Flexicon extends its range of retrofit solutions


Flexible conduit manufacturer, Atkore Flexicon, has added a full range of sizes to its hinged fittings and locknuts offer to complement its range of divisible conduits.

The new offer allows installers to add or replace cable protection without the need for significant disruption to the existing wiring or installation. The fittings can be used to terminate divisible conduits into panels or enclosures and simply wraps around the cables, thus providing an ideal retrofit solution.


Cabling can often become vulnerable over time, or potentially exposed to hazards which were not apparent during initial design or installation. This solution provides an easy to use, time saving method of fixing and protecting an application.

Purpose-designed for retrofit, Flexible conduit provides an additional and inherent mechanical barrier for cabling, and can offer protection against rats and vermin, UV degradation or even impact or abrasion.

The cost of repairing and replacing cabling which has become damaged can be expensive and result in downtime and inefficiencies. It can even lead to an installation becoming unsafe and increase the risk to people, property and processes.

Atkore Flexicon has created a system of retrofit solutions which can be wrapped around existing cabling, eliminating the need to pull cables through the open end of the conduit, thus simplifying the installation and saving time. As the system is non-metallic, it offers superior corrosion resistance and is lightweight and easy to cut to length. This is particularly useful for solar installations.

Available in sizes compatible with the full range of divisible conduits from 11mm up to 54mm, the fittings have metric threads and are supplied complete with a hinged locknut. This allows contractors to secure and terminate for panel mount or enclosures where there is a plain hole or no threaded entry.

The fittings are designed with simplicity in mind. A hinge allows the fitting to open and wrap around the cables, and is closed by simply pushing together until a click indicates both catches have secured.

The fittings can be removed using a small screwdriver if necessary. They can operate in temperatures ranging from -40oC to 120oC and are compatible with three variants of divisible conduits – FPADS, FPRDS and FPPDS from Atkore Flexicon.


To learn more about this product watch the Atkore Flexicon YouTube video – https://youtu.be/eFebBuzydC0?si=p7exD7TvhqBOThGG