A match was made, as the new range of Drill Bits ended the long wait…


it's a match

As you have been following our latest news on this channel, Starrett Power Tool Accessories has expanded its product offerings with new Drill Bits that complement its comprehensive PTA Drilling Solutions.

Starrett Hole Saws have been at the forefront of the drilling industry for years, offering a wide range of high-quality hole saws and accessories to professional users. However, despite their impressive range of products, many users were still swiping through new drilling options, searching for the perfect match. A match was made at last, as the new range of drill bits ended the long wait…

One of our biggest distributors in the UK has already started the process of distributing the range, combining the Starrett Drilling Solution across the Electrical Channel.

“At HellermannTyton we are excited to launch this new range of drill bits to expand on the successful Starrett range of quality products that is popular with our wide range of customers all over the UK. This new product range has received great feedback from our customers during trials and further promotes the high manufacturing standards and quality that the Starrett brand ensures. We continue to grow our strong and historic relationship with Starrett and can’t wait to work together to supply this range of new products out to our distributors and end user customers across the UK market ”

Says Nathan Bennett – HellermanTyton Product Manager.

From frame fixing to concrete bases to drilling through steel beams in steel frame buildings, discover below some helpful tips expertly prepared by Graham Munro, our UK Technical Support.

To fix a frame to a concrete base, strong and reliable SDS Drill Bits are necessary. We now offer both single (5mm – 16mm) and cross head (12mm-25mm) drill bits for this application, designed for even the toughest of concrete.

Chisels come in 3 models (wide, flat, and pointed in a set). When constructing with concrete or stone, there’s often a need to adjust some concrete to fit, which is easy with the three options. Chisels are also ideal for removing slabs/blocks.

For steel frame building, our comprehensive range of HSS Split Point Drill Bits (2mm-12mm) makes drilling through steel beams fast and easy. These drill bits can be used on most construction applications, and create clean, fast holes in high quality / laminated surfaces where the required diameters aren’t available from the hole saw ranges.

Our Flat Bits (12mm-32mm) are ideal for first fit electrical and plumbing work, allowing for easy cable and pipe access through wood joists.

When drilling through external walls for extractor fans and water/waste pipes, our Diamond Core Drills (22-152mm) are a great product to use.

For drilling through abrasive materials such as cement board for shower backing / trespa cladding and Corian work surfaces, our CT hole saw range (16mm – 152mm) is the best choice. It can also drill cast iron down pipes for waste pipe connections.

The MPH multi-purpose hole saw range (19mm-159mm) is perfect for drilling holes in plasterboard, especially when drilling through kitchen, bathroom and bedroom fixings that are made of MDF or chipboard. It’s also ideal on travertine tiles either on the floor or wall for waste pipes.

The DCH hole saws (19mm-210mm) have an extensive diameter range, making them a multi-trade product that can be used for many tasks for plumbers, gas fitters, and joiners. With a cutting depth of 54mm, it can drill through joists and steel framework if needed, and it has large diameters available for fitting large speakers/flu vents.

The FCH hole saws (14mm-210mm) are a versatile product that can be used for heating/electrical installations where wood and metal require holes drilled. They are widely used for skimmed plasterboard ceilings where no edge chip is acceptable.

Diamond tile drill bits (5mm-12mm) are great for use in the final fixing stage, capable of drilling through all types of high hardness tiles with less pressure required and a low risk of cracking/splitting tiles.

Diamond hole saws (14mm-152mm) are useful for drilling holes in tiled floors and walls to allow extractors/pipe work to be placed. They can also be used on any marble, granite, stonework tops for taps etc.

For final electrical fixings to enclosures and control units, clean and fast holes can be made using CSC Cordless hole saws (16mm-51mm). It’s an excellent product for any air conditioning/gas fitting enclosures internal and external.

When very clean and accurate holes are required in visible steel work, the CTD hole saws (15mm-100mm) are an ideal product as they can withstand even the hardest of steel construction materials.

The list of recommendations is long, but these are just a few. If you require more details, please feel free to contact our technical team:

Graham Munro

Stuart Haig

 A match was made. And the family will grow…

Starrett Hole Saws have found their match with this new range of drill bits, providing professional users with a comprehensive range of high-quality products that can tackle any drilling job with ease.

You can find the Starrett Drill Bits range by accessing the Digital Catalogue: Starrett – Drill Bits & Chisels – ENG (flippingbook.com)