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As the electrical industry prepares for the new amendment 2 to the 18th edition IET Wiring regulations BS 7671, wholesalers will be receiving requests to supply their accounts with this essential book.


Published on the 28th March 2022, the race will be on for contractors to get a copy before the new code of practice is necessary in 6 month’s time.

NICEIC, NAPIT and SELECT registered contractors will be required to show that they have their own copy as part of the annual assessments.

Training centres and colleges will be offering candidates a one-day update course to highlight what the changes will mean.

Due to the scope that the wiring regulations covers, there are another 13 books based on the British Standard BS 7671 that will also be amended and therefore contractors’ libraries will be updated too.


Arguably the On-Site Guide is used more than the ‘Regs book’ day to day as it enables the competent electrician to deal with installations (up to 100 A, 3-phase) providing essential information in a convenient, easy-to-use format.

Guidance Note 3  is a fundamental guidance book for all those involved with the testing and inspection

We have brought together most of the industries publishers, from the IET, BSi, and certification bodies NICEIC and NAPIT even independent authors. 


NAPIT’s industry-leading EICR Codebreakers book, covers more information to guide contractors, inspectors, and clients through the pitfalls of this highly technical area of the industry.


Tens of thousands of domestic smoke alarms are installed every year with very little information offered on compliance to BS 5839-6.

The Practical Guide to Grade D Fire Alarm Systems was written to support the electrician as they seek to understand their roles and responsibilities when designing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining Grade D fire detection and fire alarm systems.

Colleges or training centres teaching 1st year students through to Level 3 advanced electricians require books all year round and we feel sure that we have the books that meet your requirements. 

As this industry is ever evolving, electricians are seeking a reputable source of information and new 

material is constantly being identified. We aim to find the best subject matter experts to bring you high quality information written in a style that is easy to understand language.


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