The WinsertKIT from WISKA



WISKA’s new WinsertKIT is your go to solution for cable management.

These clever little inserts help create a tight, flush, IP66 /68 protected installation.  Simple select the insert suitable for your cable type, pop it into our SPRINT 20 or 20+ Cable Gland, tighten and go!

WinsertKIT contains...

10 x FFD Inserts (flat cable insert) - Suitable for Twin and Earth Cables.
5 x GFD Inserts (split cable inserts) - Suitable for CAT 5 and 6 Cables
10 x RDE Inserts (reduction inserts) - Suitable for 318Y Cable and LED Installation
5 x MFD Inserts (multi-hole inserts) – Suitable for Shotgun Coaxial Cable

Includes 3 FREE ESKV Cable Glands (colours chosen at random)

Available from March 2018.

The WinsertKIT is part of the SPRINT System, offering seamless versatility in Cap Nuts, Sealing Inserts, EMC Inserts and Fittings.   One Gland, One Solution.

Find out more online at www.wiska.co.uk