Good things come in threes for Unilites latest site light range



It’s a case of good things coming in threes with Unilites latest range of work lights. The Hexatec work lights are perfectly optimized for industrial environments and come with a handful of specialized features. With Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, there’s no need to worry about trailing cables, which could be even more important when its attached to its magnet or tripod. Their construction is of the highest quality, with a strong blend of aluminum and industrial rubberised edges. This helps to give the range a water & dust protection of IP65 and an IK07 shock resistance. If the work lights are not connected to their magnets or tripods, then an adjustable 180-degree stand can be used to position the light at the most desired angle.    

With three work lights to choose from, there are a range of lighting outputs available. These are the 1300 Lumen SLR-1300, the mid-sized 2500 Lumen SLR-2500 and finally the top spec model, the 4750 Lumen SLR-4750. All these models have the option to dim their output, extending their runtime considerably. The SLR-2500 and SLR-4750 can even be used via mains lead if needed

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