Tamlex FastConnect - No need to ‘Mesh’ about !


Whilst there is no doubt that there are many jobs and applications where traditional perforated steel cable tray is the more suitable product to use, basket tray sales are on the increase. Data centres, retail outlets and warehousing are all using wire mesh for its speed of installation and on-site flexibility. The ability to create bends and shapes actually on site can be a massive time saver, especially if the method of joining sections is the unique coupler of the FastConnect system as available by Tamlex Steel Cable Management. Of course an increasing range of bends, tees and risers for the profiles are readily available from Tamlex to provide solutions for the general configurations encountered so minimising any necessary improvisation on site.


Basket is available from 60mm widths to 600mm with a standard depth of 60mm. Many basket trays available are zinc coated and some, for the even harsher environments, galvanised. FastConnect is a new product that takes advantage of the latest plating technology and utilises a new galvanic coating, compliant to BS EN ISO:9227:2017 that is iridescent, fluoride-free and superior to electrozinc and dichromatic electrozinc as commonly used. The new coating has lower levels of discharge of metal in the waste water and so is also better environmentally.

The unique patented FastConnect coupling system is simplicity in its use. Just a simple push down to clip together the lengths of basket tray is all that is needed. No tools are required or awkward angles needed to join lengths together. All lengths are supplied include a FastConnect coupler at one end. If however you need to cut the basket length down to a smaller length then simply unclip the coupler that comes supplied with the tray and reattach to the cut basket end then clip together as normal. Additional couplers can be purchased to ensure that all the basket can be utilised which reduces waste, helps the environment and gives the installer full value for money. The FastConnect coupler makes it the most versatile system on the market and by spanning the whole width of the tray provides a complete and very strong joint.


As a general rule of thumb the more hostile the environment the more likely to use conventional perforated tray but for general cable containment consideration is increasingly given to wire mesh for all the right reasons; ease of installation which equates to substantial time saving; fitness for purpose and ultimately value for money.