C.K Rescue Hex Key Set for the Best Hassle-Free Solution



Forming part of C.K’s expanding ‘Rescue’ range of innovative products, the new C.K Rescue Hex Key Set (T4440M) is the perfect companion when removing damaged or rounded hex bolts, providing a quick and easy solution for busy tradespeople, including those working in engineering or mechanical industries.  Manufactured from hardened steel for strength and durability, this handy set is a real time and effort saver, designed to make a difference to what can sometimes become a difficult task.  

The C.K Rescue Hex Key Set forms part of the ‘Rescue’ range of products, which offer innovative solutions for a wide range of applications.  This quality patented Hex Key Set is no exception, and offers a fantastic range of features and benefits to effortlessly remove damaged hex bolts.  This includes:

  • The quick removal of damaged Hex fasteners, with up to 100% rounded heads.
  • A multi-purpose design, which also installs new fasteners.
  • Ball-ended for use at an angle of up to 25 degrees, where access is restricted.
  • A wide range of sizes:  1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10mm.

This versatile C.K Rescue Hex Key Set also comes complete with holder and belt clip for ease of storage and convenience.

For more information about this product and the C.K Rescue range, please call 01758 704704, or visit www.carlkammerling.com