A Revolutionary Device Hits Preventing Kitchen Fires Before They Start



A Revolutionary Device Hits Preventing Kitchen Fires Before They Start

An innovative device that eliminates the risk of kitchen fires before they start has launched across the UK and Ireland. The Garo StoveGuard is a small unobtrusive device that sits on or just under the hood of an electric oven or hob.It carefully monitors all temperature, light, emissions, and human activity. If any of the safety parameters are exceeded, the Stoveguard will respond by initially sounding an alarm and if required, will disconnect power to the hob & oven, therefore preventing a fire before it starts.

According to the Irish Dept. of Housing, Planning & Local Government, hundreds of fires were traced back to cooking in 2016. In the UK, half of all domestic fires are traced back to cooking activity. The US also reports cooking as the largest cause of domestic fires at 51% or over 193,000 fires in 2015 alone. For the average person, fear of leaving the cooker on is a common occurrence. For those with a mixed age household with elderly relatives, young adults or children this fear may be amplified relating to everyone else’s activities.

Property and facility managers who oversee shared kitchens within student housing and assisted living accommodation also face an elevated risk. A survey conducted by the UK National Union of Students showed that half of respondents admitted to cooking while under the influence of alcohol. A report in the UK Telegraph states that despite the student population only making up 0.4% of the population in London, it was responsible for 6% of all indoor fires across the city, with 10 callouts per week to student accommodation. Worryingly, a third of students were unaware of the fire safety procedures in their accommodation, according to the Students Union survey.

Eliminating The Risk Before It Starts

By the time a smoke alarm sounds, a fire has already begun and its job is to manage human safety by alerting people to evacuate. The Garo Stoveguard takes safety to the next level by preventing kitchen fires from happening in the first place, averting costly property damage in addition to elevating human safety.

The Stoveguard's unobtrusive design has no visible wires - it uses a wireless connection and installation is very straight-forward. It has been carefully developed to avoid false alarms, limiting disturbance to members of the household. It is also available with a kitchen water leakage sensor.

Despite having only just entered the market, it received the Architect’s Choice Best Interior Product award at the recent ArchiExpo industry exhibition in Dublin, Ireland.

Find out more https://www.garo.ie/stoveguard