SnugStat Wi-Fi Thermostat from Snug Underfloor Heating Gets Smarter with Alexa Compatibility


First Trace Heating

Snug Underfloor Heating – industry innovators in electric and water systems – are proud to announce the all new Alexa compatibility with their Snugstat Smart Wi-Fi thermostat. 

The revolutionary change gives the end-user the ability to control their room temperatures by using their voice to control the Thermostat functionality. Adding this new feature increases end-user options for ease of use, alongside complete smart phone app support and manual controlling which are already a part of the SnugStat package.

The family run manufacturers believe that ease of use is key, which is why the team strives to give complete control to the customer. Steven Dunne, Managing Director of Snug said: “As a business, our customer is always at the forefront of our minds, which is why it is vital that our products are intuitive to their needs. Wholesalers and end-users know that Snug products are reliable, simple and straightforward to use, ensuring the quality of our systems are reflected in our SnugStat thermostats as well. That is something we take great pride in.” 

The update co-insides with the release of the SnugStat Alexa skill, available to download now on all Amazon Echo devices. The addition is another in a line of features for the advanced SnugStat, despite its small stature it boasts complete Smart phone compatibility with the SnugStat app (available on both iOS and Android). 

The SnugStat itself includes a self-learning chip, that indicates the optimum start time for the end-users underfloor heating system. The chip reads the temperature and time of the home using its sensors, and gradually learns to heat the customers living space to hit their desired heat when they want it. The SnugStat saves energy by turning itself on at the correct time, so the heating is not running for too long while the customer is sleeping or too late, so it is cold when they wake up.

The in-built GEO-locator, once activated, recognises when a user leaves home, reducing the temperature of their home down as they get further away and warming back up as they re-approach, based on user defined temperatures and distances. This allows for maximum energy efficiency, whilst ensuring the user returns to a warm, comfortable home. This feature must be activated on the app and connects every few minutes with a smart phone GPS system, informing the thermostat of the proximity of the end-user to their home. When set effectively, this allows for the customer to always have a heated home upon entry.

The system is also highly energy efficient and in a world of eco-consciousness everyday devices need everyday solutions to minimise carbon footprints. As a result, the SnugStat has automatic night-time brightness control and a screen standby mode.

Installation of the SnugStat Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat is simple to connect physically and easy to program digitally, so it is not only intuitive for the daily user – but the tradesmen who fit the system.

For more information on the SnugStats, or to discuss the best underfloor heating solution please contact the dedicated Snug Underfloor Heating technical support team on 01772 761333 or sales@firsttrace.co.uk