Biz Power Tools Expand into Scotland


BIZ Power tools, the national specialist distributor of power tools, power tool accessories, access equipment and ancillary items are opening a new branch in Scotland.

With our Head Office in Enfield and central warehouse in the Midlands, it made sense to continue further north said Graham Smith, BIZ M.D. We pride ourselves on understanding the market and providing our customers with the products, service and support they need, and we were just too far away to do that properly in Scotland. It’s a market that has been steadily growing for us and we want to make sure we can support our customers to the best of our ability and work closely with them to help them maximise all sales opportunities, said Graham.

The sales office and warehouse will share a group facility in Glasgow and will be headed by Stuart Woods. Stuart has been involved in the Power Tool industry for over 30 years both in the manufacturing and distribution sides of the business and, being local, is the ideal man to provide the expertise we need to continue to develop this market, says Graham.


Stuart Woods (left) and Graham Smith (right) with the first delivery of stock into the Glasgow Warehouse.

I’m very excited about this development, said Stuart. Customers want trading partners and a supply chain they can trust completely, and BIZ are virtually unique in doing this. We have no independent retail shops or website and so are never in the position of potentially competing with our customers for the same sale. We only deal with bona-fide retailers and merchants. This is well received by our customers, as they know that we only get a sale if they do said Stuart, and that they are not strengthening a competitor by trading with BIZ.

With leading brands such as Bosch, Evolution, Makita, Panasonic and Paslode, along with many other volume selling brands such as Batavia, the future looks bright for BIZ, along with retailers and Merchants in Scotland.

For more details, please contact the BIZ Scotland Sales office on 0344 406 0616 or email: sales@bizpowertoolsscotland.co.uk