Redesigned H5 range



The H5 range has been redeveloped to bring it into the new decade. There are radical improvements in performance, features and benefits.


The H5 500 delivers 500 lumens whilst maintaining a low UGR of 18, making it the ideal choice for residential spaces, bars and hotels for a comfortable level of illumination. The high output H5 1000 delivers 1000 lumens, perfect for rooms with high ceilings such as barn conversions or conference rooms. Its higher output ensures an adequate light level can be achieved at ground level.

The H5 500 and H5 1000 have a leading efficacy of up to 120lm/W, providing excellent cost savings over the life of the product and rapid return on investment. This range is now colour switchable, using a large three position switch on the rear of the fitting, so you can select from a choice of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. 

Now they are tiltable by +/- 20°, allowing the angle of the light source to either be directly down to the ground, positioned to highlight features in the room or even into vaulted ceilings. As standard a silver reflector is supplied with the downlight, and a choice of others which are available separately. The reflectors are secured by magnets, so there is no need for tools.

Have ultimate control over the dimming options with a choice of mains, 1-10V and DALI (DALI is only available on H5 1000), all with plug and play connectors.

The H5 range comes with an LED lifetime of 70,000 hours, backed up with a seven year extended warranty.