Introducing the Rechargeable Bar Light



At one stage in time it was commonplace for LED lighting to show large and obvious dots of light that came from the diodes in a product. Whilst some people prefer to maintain this look a lot of us are moving quickly towards a need for diffused ‘no-dot’ lighting which produces a continuous glow. Almost every product category and area of LED lighting has caught up with this trend, seeing the introduction of diffused products, clouded coverings and new ways of installing products to achieve this effect.

There has been one product category, however, that had not quite caught up with this trend and that’s battery powered lighting. TLW has put in the time to investigate the specification of this versatile product area and developed a brand new lithium LED lighting product that is bright, sleek and fully diffused! Introducing: the rechargeable lithium bar light.

The Bar light is a fantastic product that is easy to use, versatile and incredibly convenient. Installation is quick and easy; the product comes with two magnetic discs that can either be screwed to the chosen surface or applied using 3M adhesive pads. Then, using the magnets on the reverse of the light, simply attach the lighting fixture in place. This enables the user to quickly and easily remove the light when it needs to be charged or if they would like to move the illumination. 

This product is perfect for use in a wardrobe, larder unit or any internal area you can think of! Simply clip the light to the magnet and it is ready!

The Bar light contains a Lithium battery that has a 3500mAh capacity. There is a PIR sensor on the front of the product that detects movement and automatically switches the light on. When no motion has been detected for 30 seconds the light will switch off. This means that the battery life of the product can last for an extremely long time as there is no power wastage; as soon as you no longer need to use the light it will power off to save energy!

Once the battery is charged it has enough power to light continuously for up to 8 hours. If you were to use the light for a couple of minutes a day this would last an extremely long time. Once the battery runs out of power, simply unclip from the magnet and use the micro USB charging lead that comes with the product to recharge.

This product comes in two lengths: 200mm and 450mm. The 200m light is 1w and produces 90 lumens. The 450 light is 2w and produces 170 lumens. This is extremely bright for a battery light and the effect that is produced is pure dotless illumination.