RadiaLED® Rapid


2.5x faster to install than traditional LED bulkheads

Reviewing the channel and gaining valuable contractor feedback has become an essential requirement for JCC product development. RadiaLED® Rapid has been developed using feedback gathered from hundreds of electricians, providing strategic direction to create the most versatile and fastest to install product.


Now available in 3000K and 4000K

LED bulkheads are commonly used in commercial environments, but can also be found in places such as care homes and student halls. Due to the variation in purpose of these applications, different ambient light is required. Commercial environments require a high clarity of light output for more detailed activities. Whereas care homes require adequate light whilst providing a comfortable feeling of home. RadiaLED Rapid is available in 4000K and 3000K options, providing visual clarity and comfort. 


Designed with electricians, for electricians

The design of RadiaLED® Rapid has been guided by feedback gathered from hundreds of electricians, ensuring all aspects of the installation process were considered to ensure simplicity for the contractor. RadiaLED® Rapid has been built around our commitment to the best quality, whilst ensuring speed of installation, breadth of range and versatility of application


Unique, clip-in tool-less LED gear tray design

Traditional LED bulkheads require tools to remove the LED gear tray. When working at height, the less tools required the better. The LED gear tray on RadiaLED®  Rapid has been designed for a tool-less installation. The contractor simply pushes on the tray and it securely clips in. The simple push on mechanism also eradicates any twisting, ensuring the cable termination isnt disrupted.


Multiple cable entry points

Bulkhead installations can vary in their application, depending on the type of surface they are being mounted to and in how the existing wiring is situated. RadiaLED® Rapid has been designed for the most versatile installation, including four 20mm conduit entry points on the sides, top and bottom and also central and offset rear cable entry, including a unique IP65 gasket. 


Detachable, loop-in/loop-out terminal block

RadiaLED® Rapid comes with a 5 pin, loop-in/loop-out terminal block which is detachable to make termination as easy as possible. The block is held in place by 4 pins for simple attachment and removal. 

The terminal directly faces towards the central entry point, so the cable can be terminated with no additional components obstructing access. 


A Comprehensive Range

RadiaLED® Rapid has been designed to cover all applications and usage environments. 

Available in 200mm and 300mm

Four wattages 8W (200mm), 12W, 16W and 24W (300mm)

Emergency options available in all variations

Microwave on/off and step dim options

On/Off photocell option

DALI & 1-10V dimmable available


Accessorise with six decorative rim options

Rim accessories to compliment RadiaLED® Rapid available in White, chrome, black, satin silver, satin chrome and black eyelid.

RadiaLED® Rapid rims are fully polycarbonate making them suitable for coastal areas. Conduit knockouts on four sides increase flexibility when installing.