New junction boxes from WISKA



Photo „WISKA_COMBI1610“: „COMBI® 1610: Box sizes expansion at WISKA“

With two new junction boxes, WISKA is expanding its COMBI® range and strengthening its position in the plastic junction box sector.

With the COMBI® 304 junction box, WISKA is not only introducing a new size box within its popular COMBI® series, but also a new design: The COMBI® 304 is the first circular COMBI® box with a diameter of 82 mm, 57 mm high and, especially in its standard colour black, is also ideally suited for use in architectural and retro design projects. The rotary switch version of the 304 perfectly rounds off the design aspiration of the 304 enclosure. The 304 offers 4 M20 threaded membrane entries, which can be used with the cable directly entered through the membrane (IP66) or via WISKA cable gland (IP67), with their conduit fittings (BraceFITTING) or rigid conduit fittings (KRASM). The flat lid of the new box can be closed as a bayonet cap with only a quarter turn; two external mounting lugs with a distance of 90 mm allow for convenient installation.


Photo „WISKA-COMBI304-inst“: „The new COMBI®304 from WISKA – ideal for architectural and retro design“

In addition to the 304, the new and largest WISKA COMBI® box 1610 (200x160x94 mm) also expands the range - and is available as a high-quality junction box with cable diameters up to 16 mm² for electrical installation, automation and industry, e.g. also for CCTV and Wifi interfaces and repeaters. With its high protection class IP66/67 and the high-quality plastic injection moulding, the box is UV and ozone resistant like all of its series and therefore ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use. Cable entry with the 1610 is via up to 30 knockout entries from M20 to M40; options such as a clear cover or closed sides are available. Full information on wiska.com.


Photo „WISKA_COMBI304“: „The new junction box from  WISKA: The circular COMBI® 304“

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